How Exercise Calm Your Mind

How Exercise Calm Your Mind

The benefits of exercise to your body cannot be overemphasised. Previous posts have  touched on the ways it can help you to feel better, too. When you engage in physical activities, you also reap a lot of benefits for your mind, and I’d like to address that topic today. It can’t be overstated how good it is for you to get out and move your body. Allow me to focus a bit more on the benefits of exercise for calming your mind.

Feel Good

The brain’s happy chemicals,  known as endorphins, are released when you work out. These chemicals produce a euphoric feeling, and you can get them from even moderate exercise. Just a half-hour of movement a couple days a week would be a good start. For those who are prone to depression and anxiety, exercise can sometimes produce effects similar to that of a prescription.

How Exercise Calm Your Mind

Reduced Anxiety

In addition to feeling happier as a result of exercising, you can also gain a sense of calm. When you’re feeling anxious or amped up, a workout session might do the trick to level out your mood. People with anxiety disorders have been shown to experience symptom relief through physical exertion.

Increase Relaxation

An exercise session can promote slumber when you’re feeling too hyped to sleep. If you want to improve your sleep, timing is an important factor to consider. Choose about five or six hours before your bedtime to work out. Your body’s core temperature will rise due to the physical activity. Then right before bed, it should drop to a temperature that helps to promote sleep.

Renewed Energy

You could renew your energy during times when you’re feeling sad. This quick boost in energy can help to alleviate your mood. A short stroll or quick session at the gym might just give you the shot of adrenaline and endorphins you need to get through the afternoon slump or to shake a blue mood. It can also give you the drive to be more productive and creative once you’ve cleared your head.


Reduce Stress

Norepinephrine, another beneficial brain chemical that is released through exercise is known to reduce the effects of stress and help you cope. This is great to know when you’re already feeling stressed to the max. So, head to the gym when you feel like you’re about to burst. You’ll likely feel much better afterwards.

It is so obvious that exercise is good for your body, mind and soul. During times when you’re stressed or overloaded and simply don’t feel like moving, pushing yourself to get out there and work out may be the best medicine for the situation. Give it a try next time you need an outlet for the tension you’re dealing with. You might just be surprised by the results.

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