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Pinterest Profits Pincamp


Pinterest is the most visual social platform

Pinterest is It's not just for pictures, recipes nor decorations! It is the fastest growing social media site for businesses to reach new customers.Content on Pinterest last 1620 times more than on Facebook. You can unleash the power of Pinterest to attract new fans, clients, and sales.


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This 'Pinterest Profits Pincamp' course includes...

  • Lesson 1 – Power Up Your Pinning Success to Increase Your Profits
  • Lesson 2 – Master Your Magic Strategy To Maximize Traffic
  • Lesson 3 – Nail Your Niche to Explode Your Viral Status
  • Lesson 4 – Showcase Your Expertise Pin with Ease to Rapidly Attract Your Dreamy Leads 
  • Lesson 5 –  Explode Your Profits with Animated Video Pins and Backlinks from Others

This , Pinterest Profits Pincamp' is for you if...

  • If you never want to run out of traffic to your business, and you want quality people to check out YOUR products and services
  • If you want to attract fans, clients and buyers to you with cold calling or spamming
  • If you want to get your content seen ‘forever’, at least 1680 times more than Facebook 
  • If you want to convert more browsers into buyers, and earn the income you desire
  • If you want to integrate your website, Instagram profile, Etsy and Youtube accounts to leverage your content

Course Details

You get access to the following to help you unleash the power of Pinterest to attract new fans, clients, and sales!

Video training

5 Courses


1 Workbook


50 Canva Templates

Meet Your Coach


I have been in the online business industry for the past 5 years and have been leveraging the amazing power of Pinterest.​

I resonate with you because I’m always looking for ways to get drive massive traffic to my content and business. Social media has been great but it’s the bitter truth how long your content stays on the social media platforms.

When I first discovered Pinterest, I was using it for just recipes, decorations and fashion ideas until I learned how powerful it is for growing a business.   

I resonate with you and that’s why I’ve designed my business to help new or struggling entrepreneurs generate leads and make sales smoothly.

I’m so excited that you’re here because you can now benefit from my mistakes, successes and experience in getting new fans, clients and sales on Pinterest!

We value our Students
Let's Hear from them

I joined the Pinterest Profit Pincamp and it was fully packed. I loved everything I learned there.The 5-day training helped me to see that Pinterest is an untapped Goldmine and easy to use to maximize profits. I was able to set up my profile, set. a goal to pin at least one post per day and I got impressions from the one I pinned. I can only do better and be consistent.Thank you for your help, Abigail, you are a selfless woman.
Pinterest Profits Pincamp testimonial
Unique Monique
The Pinterest Profits Pincamp was awesome! I’ve signed up for more challenges than I care to count and often don’t finish, but this one not only did I show up live every day, I put into place the learning too!! I am more than a little blown away by the impact of it.I set up my account on Pinterest a couple of years ago and saved a few pins from others, but didn’t do anything business-wise for myself. When I saw Abigail’s Bootcamp I signed up as just felt the need to understand the platform.The 5 days of training was brilliant. Lots of great tips that I implemented straight away and I started to notice a difference immediately. I went from 10 impressions to 2500 impressions in less than a week and have had pins with almost 1000 impressions! It’s incredible.
Pinterest Profits pincamp course testimonial
Kath Routledge

Bring your Business on the right track!

Leverage Pinterest and let your content be seen 'forever'!

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